I nearly fell over! After sharing all his pearls of wisdom he asked this question……….

One Plus One Equals Eleven!
The Power of Association
I just spent the last two days in La Jolla, CA, with Greg S. Reid for the launch of his new book and movie titled, STICKABILITY! What an adventure! I don’t think I’ve ever been to such an event or been surrounded by such a group of people before.
Greg is associated with the Napoleon Hill Foundation who authorized him to write the book STICKABILITY. You know Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich!
This event took off like a rocket. The very first speaker was a woman named Sharon Lechter, who’d also been authorized by the Napoleon Hill Foundation to write a book Napoleon Hill himself wrote 73 years ago, but his family was too afraid to publish called, Outwitting the Devil! This woman and I are kindred spirits. Her passions are much like my own, but she is further down the path than me. My eyes were filled with admiration. I saw a mentor before me. She spear-headed SB 1449 passed in Arizona which is a financial literacy bill requiring high schools to teach personal finance to their students! Love her!!! I’m going to know this woman.
John Assaraf, from The Secret fame, was one of the next up. He blew me away with all his brain research. I nearly fell over! After sharing all his pearls of wisdom he asked this question, “What’s your mental diet?” I know I cram a lot into my brain, but what am I doing to keep it healthy and nurtured? Never thought of it that way before. He carries two laminated sheets of paper with him: All his goals in narrative form-not a list, but story form, and the second is an accounting of his perfect day. These go everywhere with him. He reads them every morning and night, and times in between when the mood strikes.
Leah O’Brien-Amico, 3-time Gold Olympic Medalist for Softball sat at my table, or maybe I sat at hers. But we talked just like girlfriends. I wore her medals, got to touch them feel how much they weighed, saw them shine. Her energy was tangible. Little did I know that she was speaking the next day on having it all-and her energy felt like you could have it all! She was real in stating that it can feel like a rollercoaster, but your passion carries you through. And she revealed that she wasn’t the fastest, the strongest, or maybe even the best, but she had the most passion and perseverance. She was the first mom athlete to play on a U.S. Team. She set the precedent. She was amazing and I could feel it.

Frank Shankwitz and his wife Kitty spoke of the founding of Make a Wish Foundation.
Oh, there wasn’t a dry eye in the place. But Frank has a heart bigger than that 10-gallon hat he wears. He shared that at one point, one of the kids wanted to go to Disneyland and Frank’s volunteer couldn’t get the park to return the call. As an AZ highway patrolman, he put his job on the line to get their attention. To this day, Disneyland is one of Make a Wish’s largest supporters. Their foundation just keeps giving and giving and giving. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.
Scott Duffy shared how buying a rainforest was easier than eating a bowl of soup. Ron Klein, the inventor of the mag strip on the back of our credit cards, cautioned us not to confuse problems with challenges, and to simplify the challenges. Simple can help a lot of people. Nik Halik, the Thrillionaire, told us to dream big, it can happen-and he’s proven it! This guy was laid up in his bed as a kid and now he’s a citizen astronaut and multi, multi-millionaire!
And for you parents out there, the show closed with the Real Rich Mom of Canada, Savannah Ross, and her son. This woman blew me away! Her 7-year old kid made his first million at 5 years old from real estate ventures. She’s raised him as a person-not as an adult or child, but as a person. He makes his own decisions, but gets to have the consequences as well, good or bad. His main motivation was to save his little brother from a health crisis, so he did what he knew best, followed in his mom’s footsteps. He started with lawn care and moved into real estate buying a 4-plex at the ripe age of five!
What I haven’t mentioned is Greg’s movie, STICKABILITY. We watched the premiere of it Monday night. It was moving. I went to bed with my head spinning. Watch it! It’s 40 minutes long. It will move you too.
What did I learn from this? I learned a very valuable equation shared in another Napoleon Hill book, Three Feet From Gold. (Passion + Talent) X (Action X Associations) + Faith = SUCCESS!!
Do I have passion? You betcha! Do I have talent? I do! 

Do I take action? I do NOW! Do I have associations? Looking around this room …YES!!! Do I have faith? Absolutely!

So, I got off my keester and did the unthinkable-I asked for endorsements for my book. Greg Reid gave me one right there on the spot. Signed, sealed, delivered! At the bottom of the page, through my tears, I asked him, “What’s that?” He said, “My initials for legal purposes.” I wound up with eight more people intending to do the same by the end of the day.
{!firstname_fix},  you know I try to feed you the best mental food I can to give you what you need to succeed financially. Believe!! Believe in yourself, in your passions. Take action and do what you need to do and the rest will fall in line.

It did for me, amazingly! It will for you too!