Happy 2015! 5 Tips To Do the Same Differently…

A Clean Slate Concept

As I close out 2014 and look forward to 2015, I’m committed to doing things a bit differently. I’m a left-brain, sort of person. Keeping things logical, methodical, and routine comes naturally to me. That “same old, same old” has really begun to bug me, however. And I realize, I’m burned out by it. Are you?

I’ve always stuck to the adage, “This is the way it’s supposed to be.” But is that necessarily right for me? Is “supposed to” an unspoken rule in your life? Does that work for you? Well, it isn’t working for me anymore. I want to do things differently, to add a little play into the drudgery of work, and to have fun while I do it.
How about you?

My personal intention, (you can call it a resolution if you like), for 2015 is to do what needs to be done in a fashion that motivates me to be my best while serving others. I’m letting go of striving for “supposed to.”

My stellar social media manager, Melissa, gave me a few ideas to spruce up the “supposed to” tasks, and bring life into what feels stale, tired, and worn out. My friend, Lori, has persuaded me to add an element of play into my work, while the rest of my coaches have emphasized “if it’s to be, it’s up to me!” There’s a good balance, now, between the “suppose to” of work and having fun while getting it done (tip of the hat to you Jenée!).

So, jump on board with me, and let’s make 2015 a fabulous year of renewed energy, new perspectives on the old, and a fresh outlook. Go now and get a pad of paper, wire-bound notebook, or a journal you can use to start jotting things down in …just for the sake of creativity, and new and different. It is my intention to do each of these things at least three times a week. But more importantly, what comes up for you as you read this? Write it down. (No editing, no rights or wrongs, just what spills out of your mind.)

~ Spend 15″ reading or listening to something new and different, TRULY different. On my smart phone, I’ve added the categories of Information Technology, Science (really???), and Sports (even more of a shock), and Travel to my FlipBoard notifications. I’ve also added two of my associates’ radio shows to my podcast list. What information is foreign, yet potentially refreshing, to you? Write it down now and after each reading/listening break, too.

~ Spend afternoon breaks MOVING around. This may sound silly, but I think it truly helps with motivation and resiliency. When I take just a few minutes to exercise, [lately I’ve been jumping rope for 5 minutes (it’s hard!) or walking 10 minutes on my treadmill], I’ve noticed that when I return to my desk, it looks different; it doesn’t look the same. In a way, I feel like I have a fresh start at what’s left for me to complete that afternoon. Sometimes it even leads to more exercise! What ideas come up for you that will get you moving around for a few minutes each day? Write it down in your journal. I’m going to add DANCE to my repertoire …doesn’t that sound fun?

~ Daydream, doodle, and dump—brain dump, that is, in the little journal you’ve got. Just scribble out your ideas, thoughts, and whatever comes up for you. Draw …even if you can’t. I’m a terrible drawer, but when I drop “supposed to,” some of my pictures are actually pretty, darn cool. Engaging the right side, the creative side, of your brain will also shed new light on old paradigms. Try it now, and a few times a week.

~ Utilize the Power Hour every day. This is the single “six-days-a-week” commitment I have. When I arrive to the office or wake-up on Saturday, that first hour is going to be for the tasks I resent, dislike, or want to avoid. I’m going to knock them out early in the day so the rest of the day is a skate. (I used to do this, don’t know why I stopped.) Enter Power Hour into your calendar now.

~ Lastly, start recording five things you’re grateful for each day. I read an article about a guy who tried as he might to find five things to be grateful for, but he couldn’t. Well, my opinion is, he did a lot of whining and he’s missed the point completely. If life doesn’t drop something over-the-top into your lap to be grateful for, it’s the little things that carry us through. For me, it’s often the kindnesses my hubby grants me—like taking out my trash so I don’t have to, or making the chicken breasts for my lunches, or taking me on the emergency date when I’m tapped out and ready to cry. It’s also the blossoms in my yard, on my street, and in my community; or the wet-nosed kiss from my doggies …or the fact that I’m healthy while those I care for are in the hospital or have loved ones drastically ill. FIND SOMETHING! Life is never as “bad” as we make it. There’s always someone, somewhere that has it worse than we do. Now write them down …five, you can do it.

Just to show my commitment and support for you, I’m going to add these activities to my posts on the facebook page and how they are enhancing my life. Please join me and post your activities too! This little revolution can evolve into achieving more while working less. Adding a little play into your day can make a difference. Give it a chance!

You can do it! I believe in you!

May God bless you and yours in this very happy, new year! Happy 2015!

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