Are You Living a Whole Life?

Today, our weekly chat is coming to you from a different location, and there’s even a little guest who came into the screen. I’m stepping out of my rut and trying something different. Hope you enjoy it and the tips to getting you to live your WHOLE life



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Struggling with Managing & Investing Your Money?

When wanting to “do-it-yourself” with your money, many become overwhelmed with the process. It’s really based on three simple concepts discussed here in this short video. Winning at the money game is even sweeter when you’ve done it yourself, saved unnecessary fees, and achieved the goals you’ve set for yourself. Watch here to find out what you’re doing right and possibly, what you’re missing.




Teachers, Municipal & Government Employees …Listen up!!

If you’re a teacher or a municipal or government employee, your retirement is wrapped up in an annuity, a CONTRACT with a life insurance company. There are specific rules you must play by to avoid penalties AND get the most bang for your buck when pulling your money out of these things… one thing I didn’t say in this 5-minute vlog is… ALL distributions are taxable. Uncle Sam will want his money, so get smart before you start withdrawing.