My Thanksgiving Prayer for YOU…

Today I woke up and before my head left the pillow, I started thanking God for all I’ve been granted. By the time I finished, I was sobbing with gratitude for even the smallest of things, the things I’ve overlooked, and that I’ve taken for granted. In most cases, it was the little things I’ve felt by those who surprised me with their kindness, support, and love that pushed me over the edge.

So here’s a short list of some of things that caused my heart to swell against my ribcage and the tears to flow:

  • MUSIC… my morning alarm that starts me off with a choir singing me into action
  • DOGGIE KISSES that wake me up because they think I should be rubbing their tummies or scratching behind their ears.
  • FLOWERS on my bedside table because my hubby was out trimming the yard up for our house guests, but he wanted me to wake to the sweet fragrance of God’s creations.
  • THE HUGE PICTURE OF MY MOTHER OVER MY CHEST… it keeps her right in front of me so I can talk to her anytime I miss her and want to tell her something.
  • COFFEE… the smell of it, the taste of it, and the feelings it conjures up when I think of the cups I shared around the world with those I love.
  • NOTES from those who love me and send me little love taps via email, post-it note, comments on FB, texts, WhatsApp, and the little private jokes we share together.
  • FAMILY who asks what I need and follows through on the delivery of it.
  • MY HUBBY who constantly demonstrates his love for me in little things, like bedside flowers, letting me have the largest glass of wine (haha), and keeping my car clean inside and out, oh… and taking out my office trash, walking by my office without commenting on how I trashed it in a day, and executing an emergency date when I’m overwhelmed and ready to cry.
  • YOU …You are the greatest and most unexpected gift I’ve received this year. A year ago, I didn’t know the most of you. (Sniff, sniff!)

Thank you for you, and you share, and your precious support. Know that I truly love you, and pray for your peace, health, wealth, and loving relationships. You lift me up and inspire me to be more.

Below are the lyrics of a song Johnny Cash sang on a Thanksgiving Day episode of a television show. I’ve even included the link so you can hear his sweet, gravelly voice as you read it. It’s from me to you on this Thanksgiving Day.

Thanksgiving Prayer ~ Johnny Cash

We’ve come to the time in the season
When family and friends gather near
To offer a prayer of Thanksgiving
For blessings we’ve known through the year
To join hands and thank the creator
And now when Thanksgiving is due
This year when I count my blessings
I’m thanking the Lord He made you
This year when I count my blessings
I’m thanking the Lord He made you

I’m grateful for the laughter of children
The sun and the wind and the rain
The color of blue in your sweet eyes
The sight of a high ball and train
The moon rise over a prairie
Old love that you’ve made new
This year when I count my blessings
I’m thanking the Lord He made you
This year when I count my blessings
I’m thanking the Lord He made you

And when the time comes to be going
It won’t be in sorrow and tear
I’ll kiss you goodbye and I’ll go on my way
Grateful for all of the years
I thank for all that you gave me
For teaching me what love can do
Thanksgiving day for the rest of my life
I’m thanking the Lord He made you
Thanksgiving day for the rest of my life
I’m thanking the Lord He made you

I’m so very grateful for YOU. Have a blessed Thanksgiving Day!

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Snap Out of It!

welcome to reality

  • She was only thirty years old, but found herself without her spouse, without her job, and facing what would become the battle of her life.
  • After years of loving care and support, he being in his mid-thirties, unexpectedly lost his young son to a congenital disability.
  • She is a brilliant and successful entrepreneur, martial arts competitor, yet finds she has an incurable disease that delivers constant pain when her blood feels like liquid fire.
  • He is a young man in his late twenties, a four-tour soldier, nearly blown to smithereens by IUDs on more than one occasion. Who suffers with post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injuries, not to mention the multitude of physical injuries he sustained.

In the last week, I’ve been blessed to have been touched by the lives of these four people. Upon hearing their stories, I wanted to cry with sadness for these people. Taken down at the prime of their lives …feeling the immense suction of life as they knew it leaving their minds and bodies to be forever changed.

But I couldn’t stay in the tombs of sadness, pain, and suffering. I just couldn’t. I wanted to jump for joy! Here is what I found amazing and miraculous about each of these people:

  • The young woman who lost everything has become a very successful Regional Sales Director and business consultant helping entrepreneurs find their way.
  • The young gentleman who lost his young son unexpectedly has broken all his sales records and may very well make six figures this year SERVING his clientele.
  • The seasoned entrepreneur started a non-profit and to date, has given away over $250,000 to help support children with the same disease she’s facing.
  • And this incredible and miraculous young veteran has started a non-profit to help other vets suffering with PTSD find service dogs to keep them engaged in life and safe from their past experiences.

When you look into the eyes of these people, you see bright eyes, sparkling with love, intention and purpose. They have chosen to make something of their lives instead of accepting defeat and wallowing in pity. They have chosen to step up to look fear in the face and struggle to get to the other side of it in an effort to help themselves and others. They are inspirations, guides, mentors, and angels. And they are joyous.

Each of the people whose stories I’ve shared with you has mentioned in some way that from the ashes of their despair, plight, and depression came the most amazing rewards. How could they know that they would not only rise up to survive their ordeal, but realize their purpose and make a difference in the world around them? None of them were focused on themselves, but on what they could do to help others.

Courage is what kept them going. Belief that they were on the planet for a specific purpose that hadn’t yet been fulfilled motivated them. And faith enabled them to persist when they wanted to give up. They were determined to succeed.

As many of you know, my life took an unexpected turn when I was hit head-on in a car accident. I suffered a lot too, under-going surgeries and recovering from my own traumatic brain injury. I also had a pity party and hid away from the world as I felt my life as I knew it was over. And you know what? It was! But honestly, that accident was one of the best things that happened to me. I wouldn’t be writing to you if I hadn’t gone through that.

Believe me, I can feel your pain if you’re suffering from a devastating loss. I’ve been there, just as the folks I’ve mentioned above have. You’re not alone. You’d be shocked to find that people just like you are an arm’s reach away to help buoy you up when you feel you can’t or aren’t capable.

So what I want to share with you is this… don’t give up! In your darkest hour, a light can shine onto something you never would have seen if you weren’t in that dark and shadowy tunnel. Sometimes we can’t see that light for all that we have currently going on. Snap out of self-pity and despair. Be brave, have courage, keep the faith!

If you need prayer, post your request in the comment below and I’ll pray for you.

You can do more than survive …you can be the miracle!

You can do it! I believe in you!

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Financial Nightmare or Adventure? You’re Choosing?


“I’m lost! I’m the reason we can’t get ahead. I don’t know where to begin or what to do differently! Please help me! I feel like I’m taking my family down the drain financially!”

Have you ever felt that desperate?

Does managing your money scare you to death because you can’t figure out how to get the results you really need and want?

Have you tried to reel yourself in but feel like a failure when you look at your month-end numbers?

Are you still trying to recover from financial adversity and feel bogged down?

Successfully managing money takes some knowledge, yes. And I’m here for you with programs that teach money management and investing. But, the most important factor in your financial success is your mindset! If you believe your challenge has defeated you, then, yes, you are done… cooked …toast.

Knowing you can break old habits and create new ones, however, is completely possible. You CAN get where you want to go once you know what you need to do. Whoever said, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” was steeped in a negative, “I’ll never succeed,” mindset! Don’t let them be your guide!

Choice is the main factor. What you choose to do, feel, and accept makes all the difference in your outcome. People who think they’re hostage to their current condition and that nothing will ever change have bound themselves with their thoughts and resignation. But is that really the truth? Does it have to be that way? Think about it. To help dial in the focus, here’s a story about a couple of families I was able to observe.

Both families were two-income earning families with two pre-teen aged kids. Each of them suffered the loss of one of their jobs. Family A is devastated, as is Family B. Both families search in vain for a job to replace their old job on their former career path. Neither one is hired. Times become tough.

Family A worries that they will run out of cash. They begin to believe that there will never be another job for them that is acceptable, meaning, earning what they were making and in the same career path. They discuss their disappointing job-search results and money worries over the kitchen table without including their children in the conversation. They deny their children the activities they used to do because they “don’t have the money” without any alternative suggestions. When the children ask, “Why?” they respond with, “because Daddy/Mommy lost their job and we can’t afford it.” The family withdraws from their social circles because they no longer fit in due to financial challenges and are tired of saying, “No, we can’t afford to go.” The children start feeling the pressure and start saying, “We never get to do anything!” The family essentially holes up in the house, watching television as their main entertainment, and struggles with depression. Life becomes a pity party for everyone. The employed parent feels the strain of having to support the entire family; the one without the job feels depressed for a number of reasons—feels like they’re not pulling their weight, that they’re too old to compete in the job market, that it will never work out; and the children begin rebelling because they never get to “have any fun.”

Family B also worries that they will run out of cash. Their approach is a bit, okay, A LOT different. They share the unfortunate news with their children, but then finish with an announcement: “We are embarking on an adventure! The new game is, “how much fun can we have for little or no cost?” They express their concerns that even though they won’t be able to afford the club football and cheer leading activities this year, they promise to find things to do so hopefully they won’t miss it. They encourage their children to get involved in a non-profit where they can dedicate their time and see the difference their help makes in the community. They start “reading” time and visit the local library twice a month to gather books to read individually and together. They create family time where they all watch a movie at home while sharing popcorn—the real kind, buttered, and doused with a little salt and cinnamon sugar. They go for a family picnic on Sunday afternoon and share the things their grateful for last week and looking forward to this week. They set time aside each week to pick recipes as a family that are low-cost and easy to make—AND, the kids make dinner one night a week! At the dinner table each night, they share the high point and the low point of the day together as a family. They start family game night where they invite their friends over to play cards and/or board games together—every one brings a snack to share with the group. Eventually, those they invited over to their place, offer to hold the event at their friends’ homes. The unemployed person accepts a part-time job as a cashier at the corner market where they meet most everyone in the neighborhood. They display a cheerful attitude while at their new position, but see it as a stepping stone to getting back into the work force. When appropriate, they let as many as possible know they are looking for their type of work. One night a week is “King/Queen for a night” (two nights a week) …the family grants each parent a night of pampering, whether giving a hand/foot rub, a simple refreshment and a little time alone, or whatever reasonable request they make. Family B rides out the highs and lows together, seeking unity, fun, and adventure.

Both families struggle, but one of these families refused to be defeated by the change in circumstances. They didn’t allow themselves to become victims of the economic challenges. They worked as a team to keep happiness and joy in the house without making ‘spending’ a necessary part of it. They saw the change as an “adventure,” and maintained that perspective until they were finally able to find another job that brought them back into their usual line of work. They kept their fears from the children and worked those out together without causing panic, alarm, or victimhood. They found that the challenging times brought them closer together as a family, taught them how to live on less so when the money re-entered, they could save and do things they never thought they could. They found ways to grow and build their relationships as a family. The rewards were staggering from something that was so challenging. The other family gave up, accepting that they were not going to be able to “recover” from such an event, and it threatened their family. There were no “rewards,” as they weren’t looking or expecting any. Instead, resentments tied them together, along with power struggles.

My friend, life is what you make it. Our children see life through the views we paint for them. When adversity strikes, we need to remember that life can be messy. BUT, a good ol’ mud fight can be really FUN!

If you’re ready to release yourself from your negative beliefs and mindset, come and get a WealthyMind™. Choose an adventure and go on it! There may be some growing pains, but the rewards are truly immeasurable when you apply yourself with positive intentions, attitudes, actions, and activities.

We are what we think. Choose wisely!

You can do it! I believe in you!

Remember, it’s your money, your rules, your way!

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