Do You Need to Reignite Your Motivation?


It’s been a bit since I’ve posted a blog, so I thought I better do something before you think I’ve fallen off the face of the earth. I’m here, and rockin’ this new year.

I started the year off in Palm Desert with my hubby and our dear friends, Jo and Fred. It had been such a long time since the four of us did anything together longer than a quick dinner, to spend four lovely days simply hanging out was a real treat. New Year’s Eve was celebrated with a low-key party made easy by a huge crock pot of stew that Fred made, and drinks all around. Met a few new people and caught up with some friends of old. It was so nice to be in bed a bit early …yes, I’m getting to that age where I know the new year will be there when I wake up, haha.

We did a lot of walking around town, saw some movies, and even popped in to a local watering hole for a Friday night cocktail. The people-watching is so much fun there.

When we got to life as we know it at the Cabourne home, Ron and I did our best to keep our intentions of better eating, sleeping, and exercising. We came face-to-face with the fact that old habits are hard to break, so we made learning our new FIOs system the project for the week, I became reacquainted with the treadmill, and committed to meals at home.

The next week, I spent in Whistler, Canada, learning how to write better programs. I learned a lot about myself:

  • I’m still an over-the-top, over-achiever, even in a relaxed retreat-style setting
  • I attract the same types of people. My roommates and I all worked into the wee hours of the morning and woke up in the wee hours of the same morning to finish what we’d started.
  • Fear of being rejected is still a big one for me …that became apparent the first day when we each took the stage alone to sell a “product” we’d just created in the previous 30 minutes, and then later when I realized I wasn’t writing from my genius, but from what I perceived to be important. (Can I get an “oh brother!” on that one??)
  • My passion to teach you so you can understand your money better and use it to get what you want really is my driving force. It felt good to stand my ground when others tried to persuade me differently.
  • Food prepared with love and pride tastes so much better. If it’s beautifully prepared, I’m quite happy eating less of it. Seems to satisfy me and ward of over-eating due to boredom.
  • A couple of the buttons that were pushed were… feeling insecure when unsure of what comes next, and my anxiety building the longer I had to wait to deliver my assignments. (One day I had to go 20th out of 21, and by the time I hit the stage, I thought I was going to have an outer-body experience. It was truly surreal.)

Learned so much while I was up there, but even more when I came home. My return was an exercise in re-integration, catching up on sleep, and keeping up with responsibilities. I wound up doing a lot of apologizing to my hubby for being overly irritable, short-tempered, and easily annoyed. Incorporating what I’d learned up north into a new curriculum and delivery method so you all can learn a lot more, and benefit even more from it was a lot harder than I thought. At one point, someone suggested creating accountability groups so we didn’t spin in circles, but moved ahead with the plans we had made. (We met via phone yesterday for the first time. No longer do I feel alone, haha!)

So why am I sharing all this with you? Just to let you know that I’m just like you …juggling balls, spinning plates, and then fending off occasional chain saws. Life is messy, and just when you think you’ve got it figured out, things change yet again whether you like it or not, right?

So keep your eyes on YOUR prize—the one, two, or three things that motivate you to keep it together; the things that make all the effort worth it.

I know I’m motivated to get my body and health back. I can do it; I know I can. Looking great in front of a camera is so much more fun than the alternative! You all deserve the best programs and curriculum I can deliver so you can make the most of your money. And hearing your joy and relief at finding a way that works for YOU, that you can stick with and get the results you want, THAT motivates me. Wanting to travel and visit our families and friends motivates me too!

What motivates you? We’re nearly done with the first month of the year …time to reignite your reasons for doing what needs to be done so you can have what you want. Find someone to be accountable to, use my facebook page if you like. But get serious about what you seriously want.

Tomorrow is a fresh beginning …each day is a fresh beginning. Just make the most of it! Go get your dream!

You can do it! I believe in you!

HarMoney™, Wealth, and 5 Little Lies

truth or lie opposite signs

Just before I sat down to write this week’s blog, I was reminded of some of the lies we tell ourselves. And since I’m on the path of confronting my fears and tackling my obstacles without delay, I’m writing today’s blog as much for me as I am for you. I have to remind myself to drink my own kool-aide when my human nature kicks in and tries to override the true reality that HarMoney™ is a choice, building wealth is a process, and that I can have whatever I put my time and energy into. You and I are really no different, we both have to take the same steps if we want to win at the money game.

Ignoring the things that challenge us, discourage us during a setback, or feel difficult can only lead to trouble, if not now, then down the road—and we don’t want that, right? Part of my new-year commitment is to tackle the hard stuff first thing in the morning, so no more hiding behind faulty reasoning that inhibits my moving ahead.

Are you on board too? If so, then sit yourself down and get ready to peel away that shroud that’s holding you back. If you’re telling yourself any of the lies below, then stop it! Just stop it NOW! Decide to take action starting this instant. Let’s get started.

LIE #1: I can’t do that now, I don’t have everything I need OR I’m not ready. This is my major stumbling block. Don’t let it be yours too. “Incremental progress is still progress,” says my dear friend, Joanne. If you don’t have what you need, start putting it together. No one says you have to do it all at one time. If it takes you five steps and you start today, you’re done by the beginning of next week. You can check that task/objective off your list and move ahead. Waiting until “you’re ready” is only paralyzing you and keeping you stuck where you currently are.

LIE #2: I’m not ever going to retire because I love what I do so much! Okay, let’s get real. Do you really LOVE your work that much, or is this an excuse not to save for your future? Everyone comes to a point in their life when not working is a better idea than to continue working. When I look at my “retired” clients, they’re working because they want to, not because they have to. Some are supplementing their income with part-time jobs they’ve chosen so they can take expensive trips or golf more, or better yet, because they’re bored and want to contribute. But, they worked hard at setting money aside so they could have complete control over their time in the last decades of it. You will need a nest egg of your own savings to do the same, so …

LIE #3: I don’t have any money to save.
Uh, yes you do if you choose it.
Get into the habit of saving money each week. Open an account online that doesn’t have a balance requirement and start transferring money into it every week, even if it seems like a pittance. Your first goal will be to break that paycheck-to-paycheck cycle by saving a month’s expenses if that plagues you. As you start exercising that money muscle, seeing your results, and feeling empowered, you’ll probably want to do more, like save for the unexpected, gift giving, and your next vacation. When you’re able to live on last month’s paycheck, (including the monthly amounts to cover necessities like insurance, property taxes, or school expenses that are paid quarterly, semi-annually, or annually), then the real fun begins.

Once you’ve gained control over your spending, your next step is to start putting money towards your retirement by opening an account where you can invest it and get your money working for you. Start small and grow into larger amounts as you can. Wait… can you hear it? The next little lie?

LIE #4: I don’t have enough money to invest. This makes me want to say, “Come closer so I can slap you!” Maybe you need a wake-up call if you’re spending too much on yourself and others, but you need to start thinking of your retirement as your future, and do something about it! As soon as you have accumulated a few hundred dollars, you can open an investment account at a discount brokerage firm. If you’re working your tail off to earn your money, why don’t you want your money to work as hard getting you where you ultimately want to go?? Keeping it in the bank will not give you a high enough return to fund your future. You need the returns of good, sound investments that make sense for you and help you achieve those financial goals. And finally,

LIE #5: I can’t afford investment advice. There are many resources out there where you can educate yourself (like my facebook page). Additionally, advisors like myself are available to you at affordable rates for when you’re ready to make your moves. Hiring an advisor to look over your investment policy and plan BEFORE you commit and take action can be money well spent; you don’t have to put an advisor on retainer to receive good advice. Ignorance is NOT bliss. Mistakes are costly, so do everything you can to avoid them.

In 2015, get the most out of your money management by being honest with yourself. Don’t allow little lies to take you way off course, because they will if you don’t get them in check sooner than later. A little financial planning goes a long way when your commitment motivates you to try more money saving tips, successful budgeting enables you to fund your financial goals, and your results invigorate your enthusiasm to stick to your plans.

You can do this! I believe in YOU!

Remember, it’s your money, your rules your way!

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