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Trust, Mud, & Happiness …the More, the Merrier, Right?

There are times we simply need to lighten up, roll with the flow, and turn it over to God. God's plan rules, and what I've found over the course of my life is, God has a sense of humor. He wants us to work, play, and LOVE the life granted us. Sometimes it isn't easy, but it's a lot easier when we remember that all things work together for our highest good ...and TRUST.

As many of you know, I'm a huge advocate of taking two minutes to get focused on what matters most, shutting out the distractions and annoyances of the day before launching into my next meeting, project, or task. I think this little habit plays a significant role in maintaining a positive attitude.

Those two minutes are SUPER important ...they're transformative. In those two minutes, I'm able to get grounded, to really feel my own power and energy synergizing in harmony with my goals. And it feels GREAT when that can actually take place.

But the real truth is, life is messy. Ya just never know what's coming at you. Intentions, planning, and action are all fine and dandy, but aren't worth much if you've been diverted with catastrophe. 

Years ago, I was a Mary Kay Consultant with a team of sales women. My bestie and partner in crime was Dee. We were a dynamic duo. There wasn't anything we couldn't do together.

One day, we were dressed to the 9's, no... 10's, heading out to a meeting somewhere in the heart of the San Fernando Valley. So picture this, two ladies perfectly coiffed driving in an old Datsun 210 without air conditioning. The windows are down, the day is beautiful (it had been pouring rain the day before), and we're blessed to be on our way to an opportunity to MAKE MONEY!!! 

Stopped at a traffic light on a busy main street, we're checking our teeth for lipstick, repeating our goals for the meeting, when a car comes barreling down the lane to the right of us, plows into a huge mud puddle, and completely covers both Dee and me in mud. The side of Dee's face is COVERED in muddy, gross, street water ...it's dripping. We. Are. Speechless. Stopped. At the light. Dripping.

To this day, that was the longest pause ever before the biggest belly laugh of my life! We knew we had a choice ...we could laugh or cry, because we were a mess. There was no way we could continue to the meeting without some SERIOUS renovations. We chose to laugh, we had to laugh ...it bound us together as friends and as the individual business women we were ...covered in mud.

Life is like one HUGE mud fight. It really is.

Sometimes it can be a funny, hilarious time. And other times not so hilarious. Especially if alone. Being covered in "mud" isn't any fun.

For me, that's when I need to "hear" the voice of God. I'm in the habit, and you can get in the habit too, of trusting that my lesson is what is randomly put before me. I like to see "what God has to say about this," and either crack my Bible open or use one of the many online tools.  I use the DailyVerses.net website a lot of the time. Today's random message was:

"But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth." Acts 1:8

That got me thinking... there's me "now," and then there's me "empowered." What's the difference? Can I see it? I love that feeling of awareness, that heightened, yet relaxed, alertness of knowing God's got my back, and I attribute that confidence to God. Could that be it? What does that feel like to you? Can you see yourself empowered by the Holy Spirit?

God commands us to renew our spirits so we remain steadfast in Him. My two cents on this is to take two minutes to head to the web, find a random bible verse, and to meditate and pray over the message given. Even when it doesn't make sense in the moment, it does within hours. The mud of the day suddenly fades away when you realize, once again, God held you in His hand.

​God is Great ...He's my ever-flowing resource of strength, courage, and power. To keep a consistent flow of this spirit-filled peace and energy, we have to engage with God and invite the Holy Spirit to enter in on a regular basis. It's refreshes my soul, I feel, and it feels good, so we should do it often, right? When we trust that God is with us, for us, and not against us, and that the Holy Spirit can renew our strength, there isn't anything 

Let's renew our spirits together right now... Father God, we pray for the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts and minds, cleansing us of our sin, forgiving ourselves and others, and releasing us of binds, enabling us to move ahead responsibly with the power you've instilled in us to #ShineBrightly. Amen

Remember, it's your money, your rules, your way!

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There are times we simply need to lighten up, roll with the flow, and turn it over to God. God’s plan rules, and what I’ve found over the course of my life is, God has a sense of humor. He wants us to work, play, and LOVE the life granted us. Sometimes it isn’t easy, […]

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