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5+ Ways to Get Money Savvy Now

Money Savviness in the Palm of Your Hand

Money Savviness in the Palm of Your Hand

When I look ahead at my list of projects and tasks, sometimes it feels a bit overwhelming. But today is different. As I look over my shoulder, I can see a 4-year project completed, available, and ready for YOU!

Ask Renee1.jpgThe Money Savvy app is here! Publishing my book was an awesome feat, and I knew I could help a lot of people by sharing my money story and those of others. But this app has been designed and created just for you! My intent was to give you as much support as possible all in the palm of your hand. Going here and there to find sound, financial information can be overwhelming and exhausting. Now it’s all in ONE place!

Here are some of the features and benefits you’ll enjoy when you go to your app store (ios & Android supported) and download this awesome, FREE app.

For starters, you’ll join an exclusive money savvy community. It’s been proven that having support while forming new habits and creating new beliefs around a goal enable success more quickly and permanently. You’ll be able to access me privately and confidentially through the “Ask Renée” feature. No more worrying about everyone seeing your business on Facebook.

Another benefit of the app is that more indepth financial info will be taught and shared exclusively with this community . Starting a conversation about relevant, financial data and topics can be more in the moment when simply reaching for your mobile. So if you’re looking for know-how, you’ll find more of it here.

Other benefits include:

AppBenefitsReceiving the most recent blogs and vlogs directly without having to use Facebook or other portal sames time. Don’t get me wrong. The Money Savvy Woman facebook page will remain as robust as ever, but you’ll be able to connect with us directly through the app. Getting updates about market trends will be in the palm of your hand and easily accessible without distraction.

A financial calculator is included for FREE. You’ll learn how to use it so you can determine the full cost of a purchase or loan over time or expected and/or required returns of your investmnts. They’ll be fun lessons to help ease the learning process and help you make the most of your money.

A jotter is included so you can note that idea or thought that comes to mind without forgetting it.

You’ll know what events are being hosted by Money Savvy Woman and be able to register and check-in easily.

Do you like Instagram? You’ll be able to see where I am and what I’ve been up to with the latest pics posted in the gallery.

Exclusive trainings and deals will be extended to the Money Savvy app community. You won’t want to miss those!…

…and more. Go check it out now!

I’m so very proud that we can offer you such a great tool that’s accessible through your Apple or Android devices. I know I spend most of my time on my mobile as I’m out in the world and not behind a laptop. I think I designed this thing for me just as much as for you. So go now, download it (it’s free), and let’s start the conversation about your money.

Remember, It’s your money, your rules, your way!

Money Savvy Woman, Inc. © 2016

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3 Simple Insights to Save Money & Stop Food Waste Now!

Sitting with girlfriends earlier this week, we all watched, Just Eat It, a documentary addressing the issue of food waste in our world. As a money issue, I can’t help but get my heart pumping over the statistics on the costs of wasting food.

  • 40% of the food produced on the planet is wasted.
  • 25% of what consumers, (that’s us), buy at the store is wasted. (Imagine leaving the grocery store with four bags of food, dropping one in the parking lot, but continuing on home without retrieving it …Yep!)
  • 1 in 6 people in the U.S.A. is dealing with hunger on some level, whether it be providing for themselves or their families.

This was the third time I’ve watched this 75-minute film, and the most powerful. Hearing the words echo in my head …

  • “Each wasted hamburger represents a 90-minute shower …” in water wasted.
  • Truckloads of fruit are tossed into the trash because the seller doesn’t have a market to sell them to.
  • 20-70% of produce grown in the U.S.A. never gets to market, (and is wasted), because of imperfections-blemishes, nicks, and bruises.

It all seems so absurd to me. Does it sound absurd to you too?

Wasting food is something we do voluntarily. It’s a choice. I don’t know about you, but I can’t be a part of it anymore. I’m choosing to be savvier with the food I take home. Would you like to be savvier, too?

If you said, “yes,” …YAY!! This is GREAT news! We can do this together.

From this point forward, I’ll be including money-saving tips on using the odd bits and pieces left in the fridge. Money-saving tips and recipes will be featured, for sure, as well as my thoughts and experiences about the journey.

The Money Savvy Woman community is here to support you in keeping more money in your pockets, food on your table, and mindfully using your money to get what we really want. Please include your comments, experiences, and money-saving, waste-saving tips as we go. We can all learn from each other.

But before I wrap this blog up, I want to give you some meat and potatoes. Here are 3 insights to clarify the definitions of the dates posted on our foods. Stretch your dollars instead of wasting them by putting this new info into play:

  • The “sell-by” date is actually a guide between sellers and producers. It’s intended to convey a point in the product’s life where the purchaser can be certain that the product will last for a reasonable amount of time once purchased. It is not a spoilage alert, nor is it intended for consumers.
  • The “best-by” or “use-by” date is a guide between the producer and the consumer that indicates the end of peak flavor, texture, and freshness. Again, should this date pass, this doesn’t mean that the food item must be tossed.
  • The “expiration” date, again, doesn’t necessarily mean the food is inedible. Here’s a 37-second video to help you gain some clarity on the different types of foods.

I AM truly dedicated to reduce and eliminate waste in my home, and helping you do the same in yours. Watch Just Eat It and gain your own awareness. Once you do, let me know if you’re “in.”

I’m ready to make a difference. Are you?

You can do it! I believe in you!

Money Savvy Woman, Inc. © 2015

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Are You Throwing Your Money Out With the Trash?

© fuzzbones

© fuzzbones

Waste not, want not! How many times did you hear that as a kid, or maybe you’re still hearing it today?

I was watching a morning news show on MSNBC while I ate breakfast last week and some statistics were thrown out that nearly caused me whiplash.

Did you know that we, Americans, throw out 15 to 25 percent of the food we purchase? It’s true. The woman explained it this way:

“Imagine you’re leaving the grocery store with four bags of groceries. But, you drop one in the parking lot …and just leave it there continuing home with only the three bags.

I was horrified. “No!” I shouted at the telly. I was enraged.

And then came the weekend.

I started using a new planner that included inventory sheets for my pantry, freezer, and refrigerator. Enthusiastically, I wrote out the inventories and cleaned out my storage units in the process. Was I ever shocked at my own actions!

I tossed more food that I ever realized:

A bag of lettuce
A head of lettuce
Two partially used, buy now rotten, bags of green onions
A bag of Brussel sprouts
Half a yellow onion that got pushed to the back of the fridge and forgotten
Some leftover chicken broth
A bit of leftover pineapple juice that I never finished
A handful of strawberries that weren’t perfect, so they were abandoned
Two rotten apples
Three blackened bananas
and some grapes.

Wow. I added it up and that’s about $10 to $12 worth of food! I was shocked. Two days earlier I was feeling pretty smug, but now? Not so good.

After taking the inventories of the fridge, freezer, and pantry, I put together a shopping list for the next week or so. Turns out, we only needed nine, only 9, items to complete a full week’s worth of breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Our shopping was done in no time at all.

Now, we’re more than halfway through the week and can see what’s in the fridge. It isn’t overflowing with stuff, and we’re actually enjoying the process of using up our food.

Another fact about food waste I never considered, and you may not have either is, wasted food is a nightmare for our landfills. “Food waste is a growing problem, adding up to more than 70 million tons in our landfills each year. The results are pests, odors, toxic liquids and methane gas far more potent than CO2.” (https://nofoodwaste.com/) Residential composting units are available to help reduce the amount of food waste going into the landfill, but we need to take it upon ourselves to get one and use it if we intend to make a difference.

Back to the morning news show …Chef Tom Colicchio joined the hosts and dropped another bomb… 40% of the food we produce in this country gets thrown out. Cut to the picture of a very large dumpster over flowing with perfectly good, not even expired, hummus tossed out behind a super market. Tons of it!

In a scene from Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story, Grant Baldwin takes a look at an entire dumpster filled with packages of hummus that are still nearly a month away from their best before date. ©Just Eat It

He went on to explain that the “best by” and “expiration” dates on foods are merely suggestions, and that our obsession with honoring these dates causes us to toss perfectly good food. These dates are merely suggestions for retailers, and not always an indication of spoilage. We need to get over those dates and enjoy the food we’ve purchased.

He cautioned that we have terrible habits of shopping at membership stores where we can buy large amounts for a ‘lower price”—25% of it goes into the garbage.

So… what to do?

He suggested two money-saving tips that are super simple and my hubby and I have already employed:

  1. Shop more frequently and with a plan, curtailing buying too much and only purchasing what’s needed.
  2. Start the practice of Fridge Fridays, simply going through the fridge and making a soup and a pasta dish out of the odds and ends, and leftovers.

So to wrap this up, my hubby and I now plan EVERY meal, and we’re a bit excited about a soup and pasta dish that can carry us through the weekend. (Remember, www.AllRecipes.com can provide you with recipes for what you have on hand, so there’s no excuse.)

“Waste not, want not.” I can hear my mother’s voice echoing in my head. When I realized we were tossing $520 or more a year in wasted food, we committed to a new plan to only buy what we need and intend to use. It’s time to get serious about waste and making the most of our money. Will you join us?

I’ll remind you tomorrow on the Money Savvy Woman community page to implement Fridge Friday.

Remember, it’s your money, your rules, your way!

Money Savvy Woman, Inc. © 2015

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Finance, Food, & Fun!

The other day I was walking with my workout buddy and the subject of eating out came up. Being the budget-conscious woman she is, they shared a meal and each had a cocktail. She was shocked at how expensive it wound up being for one dinner and a couple of drinks. Conversely, her family went out to one of their favorite hole-in-the-wall restaurants and left with doggie bags of food for 2/3rds the price of the date-night dinner.

This got me thinking about the cost of food and what provokes us to go out. Here’s the list of reasons I came up with. See if any of these resonate with you:

  • Don’t have a plan
  • Don’t have what we need to make what we thought we were going to make
  • Not in the mood for what’s in the pantry/fridge
  • Too tired to make a meal
  • Out and about, or away from the kitchen

Making food at home can save you a fortune, I’m sure you already know that. But it can be overwhelming if you don’t have a plan. FUN and easy are the keys. So here are a few ideas to get you on your way:

  • Try new things using the staples you frequently use. This is a great way to keep your kids, and mate, in the game. Doing different things will create intrigue and excitement for the family meals if you play it right. Here are a few ideas with potatoes to get you started:
    • Serve hash browns for dinner: Use them instead of rice and top with beef in brown gravy or stroganoff. Or stack a hamburger patty on top of a hash-brown patty, and build it up with a tomato slice, chili, and cheese.
    • Stuff a baked potato with taco fixings; broccoli, bacon, and cheese; or whatever you have on hand that sounds good for lunch
    • Mix chunk potatoes with squash and roast in the oven with a little olive oil, salt, and pepper. Incredibly delicious and super simple.
    • Use mashed potatoes to make pancakes with eggs and your favorite sauce

    My favorite potato recipe is the roasted potatoes with different herbs out of our garden. They’re still good, ol’ potatoes, but are new and interesting.

  • Try a new recipe at least once a week. There are so many recipe sites out there to choose from, there really isn’t any excuse. There are sites that cater to moms with fussy kids, those with dietary challenges, and those that are budget conscious (www.AllRecipes.com is my favorite for that …find a recipe with what you have on hand). Rachael Ray has bunches of recipes that are geared to busy people looking for a little more ease in meal prep and bliss when you take that first bite.


  • Share the work load! Let your spouse cook one night or two. Better yet, let the kids prepare the meal. My passion for food started when I was little out of necessity. I made the dinners during the times my mom had to work evenings. My first attempt was a banana cake when I was five. My girlfriend and I didn’t have a recipe, we just threw what we thought were the right ingredients into a bowl, mixed them up, baked it, and served it to our mothers. Kids can do it with your supervision and guidance—and they’ll love the chance to dazzle you with their great ideas.


  • Use your crockpot! I’m in love with mine. On days when I know neither of us will be able to get it done, thanks to my friend, Matt, sharing his Taco Soup recipe, it’s ready to go when we get home. Add a few tortilla chips into the bowl, fill the bowl with soup, top with your favorite toppings, and ENJOY! And that’s just one great meal …google easy crockpot recipes and find one you like. You’ll drive home for this yummy meal instead of hitting the drive-thru.

For me, I spend a few minutes Saturday morning looking in my pantry, fridge, and freezer to see what I’ve got on hand. Then I make a list of what I plan to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; look up a few recipes for the week, and create my shopping list. We generally shop Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning. Sunday afternoon I chop, bag, and cook up the things I want to keep me on track for the week.

My hubby and I try to eat out no more than twice a week …once on date night and the other as we call it. If we eat breakfast out on Sunday, the rest of the week I work my plan. We’ve saved a ton of money—you can too.

Have fun! Be adventurous. Do a little planning to try new recipes and take advantage of sales.

You can do it! I believe in YOU!

Money Savvy Woman, Inc. © 2015