Feeling blue? How To Leap To Rock Star In 3 Easy Steps Right Now!



There are times I feel so vulnerable, like I could crack into a million little pieces …but not because I’m weak.
Because my heart is so full it can’t hold all the love I feel.

It’s times like this that I try my best to remember how it feels… the music that brings these feelings and thoughts to the surface, so I can recall them when things are less than optimum.

When I think of all the good God has granted me, I really have no excuse for a pity party… ever! Mary Kay Ash taught me well as a young entrepreneur. “Limit your mascara party tears to 10 minutes,” she said, “then pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and dry those tears. You’ve got things to do that will turn things around!”

How blessed was I to hear her say that. I’ve never forgotten that lesson, and it’s saved me from many a depression. I actually set my timer to 10 minutes and when it goes off, the “feel good” music starts. Soon I forget I even was bummed.

So I say to you now… take control of your emotional state. This is how I snap myself out of sadness and/or despair:

  • Make a play list of songs that trigger every fabulous memory you have …the ones that make you smile no matter what.
  • Promise yourself to let go of the pain of what is actually a fleeting moment.
  • Keep your goals close at hand and remind yourself of them often with pictures and motivating comments like, “I can see me now driving down PCH with the music blasting in my new XTS!”

Photo: Unsplash.comNow grab your wooden-spoon microphone and cut loose …or dance your fanny off …or jump in the car and go for a music-filled drive.

Being vulnerable is actually a segue to power. Once you heal the brokenness, you’re actually stronger—just like a broken bone. You’re stronger, wiser, not so easily lead down the road to sadness as you already know you’ve got this.

I love you. I want you to have every moment of joy and happiness you can muster. Money can be tough. And life can be cruel. But no one …NO ONE can steal our inner strength. Stay strong. Stay true to YOU. And rock n’ roll!

Remember, it’s your money, your rules, your way!

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